New – Pride Raptor Scooter

Raptor-Pride-300Available Aug. 2017

  • Speeds up to 14mph and travels up to 31 miles per charge
  • Sleek and solid design for enhanced stability
  • LED lighting offers full visibility for increased safety
  • Front and rear suspension ensures a smoother ride over varied terrain

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New Scrubs Line ‘Careisma’ by Sofia Vergara – Now Available

Sofia Vergara has a new brand named Careisma, a medical scrubs line for the healthcare industry. The line debuted in April 2016. Through her personal interaction with nurses and healthcare workers, she was inspired to create a line that embraced their curves, feeling feminine and being fearless. The Careisma by Sofia Vergara collection features figure flattering styles in variety of solid colors and animal prints.
Careisma by Sofia Vergara offers scrubs on sale everyday.

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AffloVest, a HFCWO vest, for treatment of respiratory diseases

AffloVest sizesDoctors recommend HFCWO (High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation) vests for their effectiveness in providing airway clearance. The AffloVest, which is made in the USA, comes in 7 sizes to accommodate many respiratory patients – from child to adult. The AffloVest is a prescription recommended product that works by producing a series of chest wall oscillations. Advantages of the AffloVest is there are no carts to carry around with you or hoses attached to generators. With the AffloVest, respiratory patients can breathe easier without the distraction of loud noise. Continue reading

Free2Go Rollator – toilet safety option away from home

Free2Go Rollator - Portable Bathroom SafetyNow there is an item that helps people who need bathroom safety support that goes where they are. No more needing to transfer from a normal rollator to a hand rail (if available), or visiting someone’s home that doesn’t have the extra safety support options geared to your needs. If you or someone you know has limited mobility, muscle deterioration, or weakness give them the freedom to move about and still keep their dignity with the safety they deserve from the Free2Go Rollator. Bathroom safety independence just got a little easier. Continue reading

Pride Lift Chairs – Comfort, Quality & Ease

Pride LC-525 Serenity Lift ChairPride Lift Chairs are not only for providing mobility for the elderly. Lift Chairs appear the same as regular recliners, but they also provide ease for standing from a seated position. Lift Chairs also help pregnant women, people whom had a recent surgery, those with back problems, those who need their feet raised higher than their head, etc. It is a good idea to invest in a Lift Chair for these circumstances. Continue reading

Sports Season – Compression Socks

sigvaris recovery sock lifestyleATHLETIC RECOVERY SOCKS 401 Back-to-school time means the start of Football season for kids in school or other sports they may be getting prepared for. With the Sigvaris’ Athletic Recovery Socks, you can speed up recovery time and help improve athletic performance.

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